To help you placing an order if your first time, here you can see a guide to help you start ordering your eyeglasses online. Check out our simple guide and see how easy to order.

1- Choose Your Frames:

Starts with choosing your frames. it’s all about your style and choosing the frame fits to your face. If you already have a frame in mind, you can type it in the search bar and find the frame you are looking for. If you don't have a frame in mind, while choosing your frames keep the following things in mind:

Frame Shape:

It’s keen determining your overall and your style as your eyeglasses reflecting your character and how Stylish you are.

Frame Size:

To make it easy every frame in EyeandSyle.com it has the complete details about frame measurements as well we categorized every frame size (XS, S, M, L) to make your decision easy finding the frame fits to your face. If you have an old frame you can check the size written on the frame temple arm. You can filter the frame size on the frame tab.

2- Choose Your Prescription Type:

In EyeandStyle we offer wide range of lenses selection. We make it easy for you to choose the lenses apply with your prescription for better vision, perfect look and great protection fits with your life style and needs. Find below how to choose your lenses:

1- No prescription Lenses: If you have no any visual problem and just looking for glasses for protection and style then you must select “NO PRESCRPTION GLASSES”

2- Single Vision: If you have visual problem Far or Near seeing problems then this will be your right choice, Select “SINGLE VISION”

3- Enter Your Prescription:

If you select Single Vision We made it easy for your to provide your prescription the way you wish, you can provide your prescription easily by selecting one of our options:

A- Fill your prescription directly.

B- Upload an image of your prescription.

C- Send later by email, Facebook, line or WhatsApp.

D- You can use your saved already prescription if you previously logged in to EyeandStyle.

4- Choose The Lens Type:

Select type of lenses best fit for your prescription and determine your glasses thickness, then select your preferred lenses coating for your eye protection:

Lens Type:

A- Standard: For No prescription glasses.

B- Thin & Light: For low perception glasses.

C- Super Thin & Light: For Medium prescription glasses.

D- Prim Thin & Light: For High prescription glasses.

Lens Coating:

A- Es Clear: Multicoat Lenses.

B- Es Blue: Blue Block Lenses.

C- Es Photo-C: Auto color change lenses with Multicoat.

D- Es Photo-B: Auto color change lenses with Blue Block coating.

5- Enter Your Payment:

Once you have selected every thing double check all your selections to make sure you select the right frame, entered correct prescription and selected the right lenses, then proceed to Log In or Register and check out by choosing the payment method you prefer securely in EyeandSyle.com. With those simple 5 steps you will get your new glasses on hand within 5 working days.

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